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MensagemAssunto: PS4 SUPER EUROPEAN NIGHT CUP (21FEV)   Dom 7 Fev - 23:48

PS4 Super European Night Cup #2 (Feb 21)

Hiall , this the presentation and Rules of the 2nd Super European Night Cup , which will be held on  Sunday, February 21.

Like the first edition , this tournament will gather the bests clubs of the Continent

You can pre register your club by clicking on the blue button on the right

The Cup is open up to 32 teams and it will be played like this :

(GMT +1 Time : Paris / Madrid / Roma / Berlin Timezone)

1st Round -> 21:30 (Only if 32 teams are registred)

Round of 16 -> 22:00

Quarter  -> 22:30

Semi Final  -> 23:00

FINAL -> 23:30

Here you have a sample of the basic rules, make sure you read them carefully !

1 General:

   1.1 How to create your account and join / create your team
   1.2 Each team must have effective information by signing contracts to its players;
   1.3 The participating teams must have minimum 7 players in their squad on the website ;
   1.4 It is imperative that you put the right PSN;
   1.5 A team that does not fulfill these conditions can see his registration and participation cancelled by the staff
   1.6 Staff has the possibility to accept or not a team ;
   1.7 Staff can adapt rules if it may be better for general interest

2 Communication and informations during the tournament:

   2.1 A Skype chat group gathering all managers and Admins will be created. Please add  marko__jovanovic on skype to get a confirmation of your registration
   2.2 The team managers will see the order of their matches in the calendar and will comply;
   2.3 Hours of games are predefined and must be complied with 10min delay tolerance, spent the 10 minutes the offending club will lose 1/0 on the scoresheet;
   2.4 You will learn all the information on the results of your games in order to make a real up tournaments

3 Matches:

   3.1 All players taking part in a game must have a account on the website and must be registered in the squad
   3.2 The "ANY" must be used and controlled even if you are 11 and a minimum of 7 players is required to play a game
   3.3 If you have lags or Disconections, you are authorized to leave the game within the first 5mn of the game, otherwise you have to play until the Halftime and inform you opponent before leaving. Once it's done, restart a match to play the remaining 45mn . REMEMBER THAT ALL WHAT HAPPEN BEFORE LEAVING IS SAVED ( Goal, assist, red card etc);
   3.4 It is strictly and absolutely forbidden to block and bother the opponent Goalkeeper when you have a corner or freekick . If the opposing teams reports it with a video proving it, your team will immediatly be penalized by a 1/0 lost game
   3.5 If a game end by a draw, the rule of the Golden Goal is applied. Restart a game, the first team to score wins. Please remember that a player sent off beacause of a red card during the regular time is not authorized to play the golden goal game (extra time)
   3.6 The results must be reported at the end of the matches by managers;
   3.6.1 The following informations should be recorded and written on the match report after the game:

   - Final result and score
   - Players
   - Scorers
   - Assist
   - Yellow / red cards
   - The Man of the match

   3.7 We are here to play, so a player who got a red card is authorized to play the following game if his team qualifies

   3.8 Always remain courteous and fair play ! Remember that communication is best way to avoid conflict !

4 complaints:

   4.1 Any claim must be justified by pictures, either a photo or video, no complaint will be investigated without evidence!
   4.2  A claim must be done via private message on skype with the tournament administrator
   4.3 Sanctions following claims or complaints may be renewed on other tournament editions prepared on
   4.4 Any claim must be made within 5 minutes after the end of the match concerned!
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